This valuable thing that needs no price tag :-)

What does the dictionary say? – a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth.  ( Please look in front of the mirror and try flexing your facial muscles at the sides of your mouth…i’m sure you must have got it by then πŸ˜€ ) . This expression has got a lot of things to do with your life as well as others around you.

Witnessing interactions and conversations between human beings as well as with their surroundings, the act of “Smile” is more than just a universal sign of kindness,appreciation and is more than just the best dress you can wear …it is more than just a spreader of a beautiful phenomenon that keeps you is more than just a “mere” expression that requires a few is more just what the words could ever describe…

I’m not just talking about smiling in photographs and selfies….

I am talking about the smile of a mother after seeing her baby for the first time. The smile of your parents after witnessing your first triumph. The smile of a lone stranger whom you’ve never known but yet you’ve helped no matter what. The smile on your friend’s face after comforting him/her. The smile of a child enjoying the gentle rain……it does give you a smile on your face, which is like a very satisfying feeling you can never forget…

this amazing feeling that keeps us alive again and again has inspired me to write this short poem…i hope it makes you smile πŸ™‚

Smile. It is a beautiful feeling

it is indeed a valuable thing

that need not require money to buy.

Smile. And spread it all

It is indeed a wonderful gift,

that you can always pass it on

Smile. And feel the bliss

As your heart gets lifted from abyss

And embrace your soul with joy

Smile. And smile on,

As you let your wounded soul heal its bruises

And let your life move further on










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