Because she didn’t give up :-) 

I had always wanted to see what would have happened if i hadn’t given up on myself. Life is such an unpredictable journey, there are times , where in..i get really confused whether i should go forward or just give it up because i think i’m not worth it or i’m losing? Once i had taken a decision to give up, i had a second thought about how much i had held on to myself for so long in order to reach my potential best…that thought just……put me in a state of nothingness in order to think deep ….and then i had taken a decision to move forward and finish the race…and with that.. many amazing things in my life had occurred right when i have taken this’s just beautiful! The art of perseverance and the spirit of not giving up has in fact, made me strong and better than how i was yesterday 🙂

I had learnt this beautiful lesson about not giving up when i was six years old back then. It was a fine Sunday, a Marathon event ( On the account of Autism Awareness Day…that’s what my dad told me ) was happening in my colony…there were children ranging from 9 -13 years, doing their warm ups, drinking fluids and gearing up for the race. Soon, it was 8:00 AM..all the participants were asked to stand in the positions allotted to them. After the whistle was blown by the instructor, the race had begun and the children ran forward…there were so many participants and the parents were cheering their children to do their best….there wasn’t a single participant i know so i was just going with the flow of the incredible atmosphere around other words, i was just cheering for everybody participating in the race 🙂

After two hours approximately, the first three runners had arrived and the audience applauded as they have crossed the winning line..and a few minutes later ,many other runners have arrived too..but their paces have slowed down a bit after realizing that the winning line was already crossed by somebody else…some of them even fell down before crossing the line out of disappointment that they didn’t win. Almost all the parents went out and reached to their children..some of them were applauded and some of them were even consoled..but to my shock, some of them were even scolded for not coming first…it didn’t just seem right on the part of those parents who didn’t appreciate their child’s ability. Almost all the racers have arrived and the pandemonium of parents searching for their children continued..but, my eyes were caught up on a tall gentleman standing a few inches next to me..he was staring at the winning line..still waiting for his child’s arrival.

The winners received their medals and the crowd applauded to the victorious children gleaming with happiness. The gentleman ( although he had joined the moment by clapping ) still stood on the same place ….eagerly waiting for his child. I was astonished by the tremendous amount of patience he was carrying along, he just muttered to himself  “my daughter will come”.

Soon…everyone left the place, and the organizers were removing the banners and all the other stuff ..but the gentleman still stood on his place…overwhelmed by his patience, even i had decided to stay back with him. A few minutes later, there was a bright glow on his face, i turned back to find a small wounded girl running towards the faded winning line. Her trousers were partially torn as a result of her injuries. The gentleman was clapping and screaming to her ” THE RACE IS NOT OVER YET! GO ON AND FINISH IT! ” The girl’s pace was quite slow due to the bruises she had on her knees but she had NEVER STOPPED running! It was such a wonderful sight to see her perseverance and her spirit of not giving up! Soon she was a few inches close to the winning line and the gentleman’s claps were even more louder and soon i had joined too! ” GO ON! FINISH IT!”..and soon…the moment she had crossed the winning line, the gentleman raced towards her …lifted her up and kissed her cheek. It was a great sight to my eyes! The girl was both smiling and crying in front of her father who was wiping off her tears , she was explaining her father about why she was late..apparently, some of the racers had pushed her off the track , giving her bruises and a small sprain on her legs….she had a hard time trying to keep pace with the ascending racers….with that she had decided to give up ..but later, she had decided not to let her efforts to go wasted…and lo! She went on to finish the race. Her father applauded her perseverance by saying that she had learnt the most important lesson in her life – ” NEVER GIVE UP”

These words have created a huge impact in her life…like really! A couple of years later, the same girl was an inspiration to all the aspiring athletes in my colony. She had won in many state level events in sprints as well as in many marathon races held in my city and in other cities as well. Her goal was to reach the Olympic qualifiers and to make our country proud which i’m pretty sure that some day she will make it! The best part in her accord is that, even though she had lost many times, she still had that spirit of always trying again and again till she attains her goal which inspired me to the core of my heart. With the spirit of perseverance, i can sense out on how she was improving , breaking her records and correcting her mistakes hence making her a better person than how she was yesterday 🙂

This was such a beautiful lesson I’ve learnt which created a huge difference in my life.

Dear Perseverance, i owe you my life 🙂

I Fall, I rise ,i make mistakes, i live, i learn, i’ve been hurt but i’m alive,i’m human, i’m not perfect but i’m thankful. ~ Anonymous

Champions keep playing until they get it right ~ Billie Jean King


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