Another Day, Another Chance… 

Last day was filled with a disturbing set of events that filled my heart heavy with stones of disappointments and dissatisfactions and I really wanted to let it all go in order to have good head start, due to which I had decided to pay a visit to a beautiful place called a beach. 

One beautiful morning at the beach, I stood alone… letting the cool wind to flow swiftly to my face, the sun was rising above the horizon…my sleepy eyes turned bright as they witness the breaking of dawn .. The sky wore a beautiful hue… My heart jingled with blisfulness as I let my feet feel the warm sand along with soft waves washing my feet. It was a total ecstatic bliss. 

The natural phenomenon was busy healing my body and soul….it took my disturbed heart and began to heal it… The serene looking paradise above my head made me feel alive.. The clouds and the beautiful hue that slowly began to turn bright and blue treated my eyes a visual feast. 

As i was witnessing the gracious beauty, I suddenly cried my heart out apparently due to my mood swings.. as the flash back turns in my head.. And I softly spoke : 

“Dear Nature,  I know you were watching me from different angles. You saw me hurt and displaced yesterday.. And now you are trying to heal me with your evident medicine you provide to my teary eyes and to my heavy soul..What are you trying to do to me? “

The nature didn’t speak back.. It just went on healing my heart..slowly making my body light and free of pain and sorrow. My questions about the uncertainty, hope and disappointments began to get answered as the fog of confusion and sorrow slowly began to clear out.. And began to sync up with the beautiful clear sky above my head.. And relaxed like how my feet did.. With the warm and heavenly soft sand around it. 

As my mind became conformed with the peaceful environment around me.. I soon got lost into a feeling of nothingness.. My mood swings slowed down and turned still…..i couldn’t think of anything more… other than me, myself and I. 

Dear me, I know you have walked in a wrong road. Now think no more about finding faults… I know there is no turning back… But my dear me, sulking about your past will really not help….you see.. The beautiful sky, the graceful waves and everything beautiful around you (including you) are here for a reason.. To make today better than yesterday, the heaven above gave you a “present”…Yesterday is never returning back… Today is a moment where you live in..and it is in your hands to make it better…you have it now.. Will you make it? You will.. right?” 

I replied softly : I will. 

This is today… This is my present… This is another chance to make it better. 

And a smile slowly turned upon my face.. I held my hands open and let myself free.. The Sun was already above me..the clouds fancied a silver lining which fascinated me…The weather took my heart in the air and soon.. I acquired the sense of being refreshed with these positive vibes..I slowly muttered ” i have another chance.. I will make it!” 

I will. 

Based on True Events. 


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