The Dancing Letters

The dancing letters are playing in the mind of mine

My consciousness, the leader….commands them to ” hold hands and create a meaning” 

They undergo a graceful journey from the mind to the tip of my pen. 

And cherish themselves as they get displayed in a tender piece of paper 

The letters gleam as they aquire the strength to express 

Possessed by an array of emotions you can expect 

They dance in frolic to appeal your eyes 

And create a visual scenario that I desire. 

They have the power to grip your heart with suspense 

They can touch your soul with sensitivity 

They can jingle your bells with avid humour 

They can broaden your mind with awareness and realisation 

Oh, how amazing it is to see these letters with so much power. 

And how much influence we had upon them.

To read, to understand and to intercept these words created as they dance..  could make a difference. A huge difference! To you..and to me… And with rest of the world! 

Hail The Dancing Letters! 


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