Destined To Live. 

I always had that skeptical question, about Why the great great great Lord had sent an amateur like me to this planet? I had that question popping in my head especially when I endure disappointments, when I get criticized, when I feel invisible or when I feel seriously down and heavy with my heart filled with profound sorrow.

I had always wondered… With all these fears haunting my head (like failure, breaking up, losing something, anxiousness) …it prevents me from having a positive outlook towards life. With that, I’ve felt that I am not living at all. I only exist.
It’s true that no body’s life is absolutely perfect. The roads we tread are not always smooth, there are loop holes around..but that’s what makes us aware and alert about ourselves. We make mistakes, but that is when we get to improvise ourselves to become better than yesterday. We endure failures, but life doesn’t always end when you fall down, it’s about getting back on the track with a spirit of not giving up. (P.S: I seriously owe my spirit  for not giving up)

With all these lessons learnt, I am now destined to live.

Living is a different thing,and I have been striving to do so. I have endured many downfalls in my life and learnt many lessons from it….It’s time that I start joining back the broken pieces of my heart to let it live. It’s time that I let go of all the pain in thin air. It’s time that I start reaching out to people and get socially active. It’s time to let my body and my soul to be strong,  free and refreshed. It’s time to realize that I start loving myself a little more each day. It’s time to realize my uniqueness and the awesomeness behind it.

I say this with my hand placed where my beating heart lies ” I am destined to live.”


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