My sweet little “Meow” friend – Part 2

Nevertheless, i got the cat home. i had a prolonged talk with my father so as to permit me to take care of the cat till she fully recovers. He had finally agreed but in one condition.. he’s not gonna volunteer in taking care of the cat in any means…although his statement was quite heartless, i can understand why he had to say that…my family wasn’t accustomed to keep pets, particularly cats. My mom loved dogs more than cats although she had supported me. And my dad was in no condition to adopt any pet animal! More or less, i was very much ready to tend the cat and help her to be alright.

i took the cat to my room.. and sat quietly in my bed with the cat in my lap..i was busy giving her the required medicines when my younger brother turned up and was delighted by the sight of the cat. He had wanted to hold the cat and play with her..but since the cat was weak to play, i had to refuse. As i was treating the cat brother’s eyes still never left her. With that , the spirit of hospitality entered his mind as he had said ” Can i help the cat?”. I replied ” Oh yes, you can! Can you find some thing where in she can sleep on to ?” . My brother got a considerable size of an open shoe box, and some hand towels which was washed and dried recently and still unused..he had made a small and a cute place where in the cat can rest. I had gently placed the cat there..and she had slept soundly. It gave me peace.

Days passed..the cat began to recover. i bought her the required food . my brother and i enjoyed playing with her. From a weak creature plagued with illness and injury, the cat soon became a self esteem spreader! she meowed on my presence, followed me everywhere i went…and loved to sleep on my lap which gave me an immense pleasure and happiness! I can feel my spirit turning alive with the time i had dedicated towards her! Slowly, i can sense that she had a liking on me…she only had milk when i gave her! And after satisfying her appetite, she had that pleasing, healing eyes on me which gave me a sense of bliss and gratitude towards me! it was a total bliss to share happiness and to be thanked!

Days have been so blissful with the cat around us!

But the day had come where in she will have to go home ( and i don’t know where) i was in no position to let go of the cat. My mom was like ” you will place the cat in the same spot where you have seen her for the first time” I cried bitterly and hugged the cat. First thing, i had no idea if letting go of the cat is the right thing to do. Second thing, my affection towards the cat grew eventually with the time, with that i had become seriously attached with her. It just hurts to break the bond. I had a heated argument with my mom about this. But my mom wouldn’t budge.

Mom took the cat from my hands and left her in the place we had first seen her. i was not happy at all..even my brother. She then closed the main door for the house. This moment took my heart in pain. The cat outside gave a long meow and left slowly as i could see her from the window…her paws stopped again and stared at the doors that that closed the world where she was healed. She meowed once again which burst me into tears! And left me…leaving my heart broken into pieces.

Mom had a reason why the cat had to leave one day ” Like how we stay in a family, this cat has a family too..making the cat reside along with us is like separating her from her family. ”

At the same night the cat had left ( or probably she was made to leave ) i went to my room and stared at the small comfy space we made for the cat..i cried even more as the memories had retreated back to my head..reminding me of those blissful days i had spent with the cat ( i wish it were MY cat ).

” I wish you were here with me…My sweet little “meow” friend. ” i muttered to myself which was inaudible and my voice broke.

Until…. a sound from the room’s window drew me attention.




” Meow ”





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