My sweet little “Meow” Friend – Part 1

That’s right! I’m talking about my pet cat! She is one of the most sweetest creatures ever to exist on earth. Her name was “Cutie” …my brother was the one who named her. Back in those years, when i was in 5th grade, i had a huge problem with reaching out to people due to my weird personality differences, apart from Music, Cutie was the one who never felt that i was weird and always loved me like the way i loved her.

To tell you, Cutie wasn’t a store-bought pet…she was stray.

One day, I’ve reached home from school, i saw an unconscious and a wounded creature lying on my way to the door step. i was totally aghast by the sight of a poor cat meowing lightly…her meows attracted my footsteps to reach closer towards her so as to lend her a helping hand. i called out to my mom and asked her if we can visit a vet. Mom thought i was crazy. But after i told her about the unconscious cat, she thought for a while and then locked the door of our house…all set to visit the vet.

On the way to the vet..i was getting anxious each moment because i can feel her getting weaker each moment…..and…soon…Whew! i was totally relieved that we had  reached on time. The vet had treated her and ( incidentally, the vet told us about the gender of the cat and hence, i referred to as “she” ) the cat had finally regained her consciousness..i couldn’t imagine i relieved i was.i was nearly sweating! On the way home, with the cat sitting on my arms as i was tenderly caressing her….we were talking about what the vet had told us…The vet had told us that the cat would take some time to recover and that she should receive care …my response was very much steadfast as i was ready to volunteer in taking care of the cat. At this point, my mom was partially supporting my response : ” She will be with us only till she recovers..after that she will have to leave”

Without a moment, i wailed.  ” No Mom, she will be with us! ” But mom wouldn’t budge on her decision.

I wasn’t convinced at all.




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