Just an A L I E N……

This is another experimental blog . The lyrics and the pictures strictly belong to Coldplay’s official website. This is to notify that i’m an amateur blogger and this is not a perfect feedback of the song. The below statements have undergone a humble journey from the soul of a fan’s heart to the tip of her finger…close to the keys of the keyboard …

I personally feel that both track and the music video touched the core of my heart into understanding the plight of the refugees ( The A L I E N S ) . The vivid animation in this video gives me chills of pity and a sense of wake up call to help them..in any way we can…The lyrics ( Great work! Mr Brian Eno and the Coldplay members!) are doing a great work in reaching my heart to store the message they are trying to implement.

Here’s the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we-LaiQNY5s

Here’s the Bridge in the song….rich with simple yet deep words…

Tell your leader
Sir or ma’am
We come in peace
We mean no harm
Somewhere out there
In the unknown
All the E.T.’s are phoning home
Watching my life
On the skyline
Crossing your eyes
For a lifetime

At the same time, i’m disheartened to see the comment section which was filled with rather unnecessary political statements, hate words and swearing puns! I can understand that many people had a bad experience with the refugees but yet, as they were blinded by the aura of prejudice, racism and selfishness…  they have failed to understand the profound message that the band is trying to portray in the song as well as in the video.

Coldplay is well known for its deep and positive vibed music filled with constructive messages.. And I truly respect them for making us aware of the reality in an artistic sense.


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