Different Is Beautiful ❤️

This is an extract from my earliest blogs that I’ve left it as a draft…  so… Before reading, please keep it in your mind that this blog is exclusively experimental 😄

It’s wonderful to know that people are unique for the way they are and that makes the world so colourful and vibrant..
But there are hurdles that prevent that person from becoming themselves..

Sometimes, an incident happens in your life which makes you get that tendency to change your interests and become somebody else whom you think is more admirable. .but a little sound inside your head is asking you to stop. .and suddenly you realize how unique you are..pursuing your talent, admiring your interests like nobody in this world does..and that makes you feel happy and content with yourself…and you say ” I Don’t have to change”
Of Course, when we do mistakes, we learn a lesson and due to which you change yourself so as not to repeat again. .that change is important. ..but when you get into a situation where you get disgraced yourself because of your differences ….you need to be yourself…


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