Edna’s First blog post

Here I am! Travelling with words and vocabulary, swaying through my head to weave a story. From my straight forward soul to the tip of my pen or you can say…to the tip of my fingers close to the keys of the keyboard. The dancing letters arrange here to express what I feel, what I see, what I object and what I wish. Starting from things that gave me a desire to live…to things that need a loud voice on order to be heard by all.

By the way, ignoring what I’ve typed above (LOL) .. Let me say a few things about myself! I’m Edna and I’m an ultimate amateur and a voracious reader. I love music, poetry, nature,pets and travelling. My purpose of my existence here on WordPress is that I fell in love with the essence of writing and about how powerful it can be..in any extent. Overall, I call my self as a traveller because right now.. I’m undergoing a journey to discover myself and my destiny that awaits me.. 

Bon Voyage! 



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