Edna’s First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

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Statistics or Self-Esteem?

Look I paid my intuition I couldn’t afford tuition My funds was insufficient, it felt like I’m in prison Until I realized I had to set my mind free I was trusting statistics more than I trust me Get a degree, good job, 401k, but I’m trying to turn k’s to m’, what does it […]

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The Silver Lining

Hmmmm…”The Silver Lining” …It’s more than just a metaphor that indicates positivity..it is more than just a hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.. It does hold true to me that “Every cloud has a silver lining” which practically means that one should never feel hopeless because difficult times would […]

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This valuable thing that needs no price tag :-)

What does the dictionary say? – a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth.  ( Please look in front of the mirror and try flexing your facial muscles at the sides of your mouth…i’m sure you must have got it by then 😀 ) . This expression has got a lot […]

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Because she didn’t give up :-) 

I had always wanted to see what would have happened if i hadn’t given up on myself. Life is such an unpredictable journey, there are times , where in..i get really confused whether i should go forward or just give it up because i think i’m not worth it or i’m losing? Once i had […]

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The Act Of Breaking Free (Inspired by the Sunlight) 

The chains were really strong There were not letting me out I was like a bird….jailed in a cage With crippled wings in no state to fly My heart was jumbled Like a jigsaw puzzle Around me,  was the.. big.. bad hideous world laughing at me Mocking my struggles.. saying that I can never get […]

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Another Day, Another Chance… 

Last day was filled with a disturbing set of events that filled my heart heavy with stones of disappointments and dissatisfactions and I really wanted to let it all go in order to have good head start, due to which I had decided to pay a visit to a beautiful place called a beach.  One […]

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The Dancing Letters

The dancing letters are playing in the mind of mine My consciousness, the leader….commands them to ” hold hands and create a meaning”  They undergo a graceful journey from the mind to the tip of my pen.  And cherish themselves as they get displayed in a tender piece of paper  The letters gleam as they […]

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Destined To Live. 

I always had that skeptical question, about Why the great great great Lord had sent an amateur like me to this planet? I had that question popping in my head especially when I endure disappointments, when I get criticized, when I feel invisible or when I feel seriously down and heavy with my heart filled […]

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My sweet little “Meow” friend – Part 2

Nevertheless, i got the cat home. i had a prolonged talk with my father so as to permit me to take care of the cat till she fully recovers. He had finally agreed but in one condition.. he’s not gonna volunteer in taking care of the cat in any means…although his statement was quite heartless, […]

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My sweet little “Meow” Friend – Part 1

That’s right! I’m talking about my pet cat! She is one of the most sweetest creatures ever to exist on earth. Her name was “Cutie” …my brother was the one who named her. Back in those years, when i was in 5th grade, i had a huge problem with reaching out to people due to […]

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