Edna’s First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

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Statistics or Self-Esteem?

Look I paid my intuition I couldn’t afford tuition My funds was insufficient, it felt like I’m in prison Until I realized I had to set my mind free I was trusting statistics more than I trust me Get a degree, good job, 401k, but I’m trying to turn k’s to m’, what does it […]

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The Silver Lining

Hmmmm…”The Silver Lining” …It’s more than just a metaphor that indicates positivity..it is more than just a hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.. It does hold true to me that “Every cloud has a silver lining” which practically means that one should never feel hopeless because difficult times would […]

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Another Day, Another Chance… 

Last day was filled with a disturbing set of events that filled my heart heavy with stones of disappointments and dissatisfactions and I really wanted to let it all go in order to have good head start, due to which I had decided to pay a visit to a beautiful place called a beach.  One […]

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The Dancing Letters

The dancing letters are playing in the mind of mine My consciousness, the leader….commands them to ” hold hands and create a meaning”  They undergo a graceful journey from the mind to the tip of my pen.  And cherish themselves as they get displayed in a tender piece of paper  The letters gleam as they […]

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Destined To Live. 

I always had that skeptical question, about Why the great great great Lord had sent an amateur like me to this planet? I had that question popping in my head especially when I endure disappointments, when I get criticized, when I feel invisible or when I feel seriously down and heavy with my heart filled […]

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